what is an ambassadorable?


A Mister Migs Ambassadorable not only acts as a brand representative but they are active in their support and fulfill many different roles. These roles include volunteering at our boutique, helping out with events, organizing get-togethers, sharing photos and video with their following, collecting denim donations, and so much more! Because Mister Migs is a social enterprise & non-profit, having extra helpers greatly assists us in spreading the word about our cause, which is to raise awareness for young adults with autism and other learning disabilities and help them find work they're passionate about.

Mister Migs' core belief is working together as a team to improve the life of others. By creating high quality, tailored dog gear that puts a smile on peoples faces as well as working with the young adults to teach them career skills.

An Ambassadorable is eager to spread the word about our social purpose and is willing to dedicate a portion of their time to help out, in whatever way they can. You don't have to be local! If you would like for you and your pet to become a member of the Ambassadorable program, please email mistermigs@mistermigs.com!

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