A Terrific Time at the Trunk Show

by Mary Grace Mauney

Mister Migs is off to a great start for the new year with our fabulous trunk show!

I’d been looking forward to this fun little shindig since December---the Mister Migs Trunk Show at Sophie’s Uptown! On the way in, I met our Pekingese model Oscar rocking the boy’s “Be Mine Date Night” design, which sports suspenders rather than ruffles. As I I entered I saw several old friends. They were the Dog Star models from the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast fashion show, all donned in their custom Mister Migs gear! The elegant and sporty Dalmatian Reno was wearing his frayed packs. The diminutive divas Precious and Mocha were prancing on the floor in their frou-frou frocks.  GiGi  was tottering around on her trademark two-legged walk! And, there were new faces too! I met a whole new pack of cute canine clientele who had come to see our collections. 

And what collections! The collections ranged from the prim-but-not prissy Tailored Sport with its clean lines and leather trim to a beautiful red Elizabethan-esque one-of-a-kind piece. Plaid tartan, black lace, brass hardware-- there was something for every pup’s personal style.

Speaking of personalized, I watched as various canine guests enjoyed a custom fitting for their own made-to-order Mister Migs gear by our Master Pet Tailor. This level of attention to each individual client is a testament to how Mister Migs is made-- never mass-produced; everything personally hand-crafted for your dog. 

The food was terrific too! What I at first thought were treats for people were in fact gourmet goodies for dogs! Cupcakes, meatballs, all for the four-legged! The people food was even more spectacular! Catered by Sophie’s, this spread included mini quiches, croissant sandwiches, pasta salad, mini meatloafs topped with mashed potatos swirled like whipped cream, with lemon pound cake for dessert. But my personal favorite had to be the asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. I couldn’t get enough of that! Delicious! Too bad they didn’t have doggie bags at this doggie party!

There were drawings held for prizes too!  Not only did I win a Mister Migs denim bag, I also did some shopping myself. My cousin is getting married soon, and I decided that one of the beautiful denim doggie bandanas for sale would be perfect as a wedding present to her pooch! You can’t go wrong with a Mister Migs design.

Great food, great dogs, great people, great gear---the evening could not have been more fun. Shoutout to Sophie’s Uptown Café’ for hosting, Doggie Bafe for the gourmet pet goodies, David York with Barking Hound for his sponsorship, Liz Lapidus for getting the word out, and to each and everyone one of you who came out to support us at the Mister Migs trunk show!