Castaways, Part One: The Risk of Relaxation


Even though it was late September, Georgia was still warm and sunny and a certain trio of pet pooches had decided to make the most of this by renting a rowboat at the park. Sadie Lynn the Scottish terrier, Louey the Chihuahua, and MiMee the miniature mixed-breed had thought that they were all set for a relaxing day out on the lake. They had packed a picnic lunch to eat in the boat, doggie-sized life jackets, little rain ponchos folded up inside their Migrubbie People Pouches, and a flashlight should they stay out too late. Most importantly, they had on their Migrubbies (a MigDiva in MiMee’s case), so they’d look their best and be protected should any slight autumn chill decide to make a surprise appearance. The one thing they hadn’t anticipated was that they might not be able to row their rowboat. Despite having asked for the smallest paddles available, the poor pint-sized pooches just couldn’t handle them. Sadie Lynn, as the largest and with the strongest mouth (Scottish terriers have mouths and teeth similar in size to much larger breeds!) could take one, but neither MiMee nor Louey could handle the other. The two smaller dogs tried taking one oar together, but swiftly found themselves tired out all the same.

“That’s all right,” said Sadie Lynn, “There’s a bit of a breeze out today, so why don’t we just sit and relax and let the wind push us along?”

They did so, and found it to be a fine idea. They chatted for a while as they enjoyed the weather, that perfect tepid spot of transition between the brutal heat of a Southern summer and the nippy chill of approaching autumn, when the sun shines but does not burn, and the breeze blows but does not bite. This soothing state was made more so by the gentle rocking of the boat as it moved over the tiny ripples of the wide clear lake, heading further and further out from shore until their point of launch had disappeared completely over the horizon from their view. It was then that Louey proposed lunch, and they leisurely but enthusiastically dug in the picnic basket that had been packed for them by their loving human. Afterwards, it became all too easy for the three to doze off into an afternoon nap, while the rowboat continued to drift further and further out…until it had left the lake entirely, and was headed down a connecting stream, far far away from where their journey had begun…


Story and illustration by Mary Grace Mauney

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