Castaways, Part Two: Awakening Ashore


Sadie Lynn blinked, feeling a bit confused as she awoke. Something didn’t feel right. For one thing, she was on a hard surface, nothing like her nice bed at home. Ugh, it had given her a sore backside from sleeping on it, whatever it was… She realized with a startle that not only was she not in her bed, she wasn’t at home at all! She was in a…a…oh, right, a rowboat. She remembered now. She was about to laugh to Louey and MiMee about how she must have dozed off for a bit, when she saw that they were curled up in the other end of the boat, sound asleep themselves. She also saw, to her shock, that the boat was no longer on the water. It had washed up on the shore of a little sandbar island, one about big enough to fit a small human house upon. It even had some brush and bushes growing, suggesting there was some real soil at the center and not just sand.

“MiMee! Louey! Wake up!” Sadie Lynn pushed on them with her paws.

“Wha---“ the pair of confused post-nap pups started sputtering, but Sadie Lynn cut them off, “We’re stranded on an island! And I don’t know where we are; we all fell asleep and who knows how far away we drifted, or in what direction! We have to get back to the park! Or somewhere that can help us get home!”

“Whoa, whoa,” Louey put up a paw, “Easy now. That won’t be such a big deal. Didn’t we pack our cell phones in our People Pouches?”

“No,” said MiMee, “We were afraid they might get wet.”

“Compasses? GPS? Anything like that?” Louey was a resourceful sort.

Sadie Lynn shook her head, “We were taking a rowboat out on the park lake, why would we have ever expected that?”

“Well, we didn’t expect to find the Lost City of Squirrels when we went on a hiking trip, but you remember how THAT turned out,” noted Louey. “How about a watch?,” said MiMee, looking out at the horizon, “Because I want to know just how long we were asleep! Look at low the sun is now!” “Looks like we’ll have to make camp for the night,” said Louey, “If we set out now, we could get stuck rowing around in the dark. Flashlight or no, that’d be risky.”

They made a bed in the boat by piling the life jackets together, and used their rain ponchos as sort of tarp roof over it. Though they all felt a bit peckish, they decided it was better to leave the picnic leftovers alone for now so that they could have them for breakfast. Now that they were past their initial alarm at their situation, none were really worried, feeling that they had things well in paw for now.

That is, until dusk fell…and the noises started.


Story and illustration by Mary Grace Mauney

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