Denim Dogs Fashion Blast: Crash AKA Professor Hugs


Meet Crash, also known as Professor Hugs, one of our DogStar Ambassadorables for the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast!

Crash AKA professor hugs

Crash is a true Ambassadorable to the canine world. Dubbed “Professor Hugs” and “His Royal Hugness” by the children he works with, he has made over 300 visits to hospitals, extended care, assisted living, schools, libraries, special needs camps, and of course, kids with reading challenges.

Crash wasn’t always a star therapy dog. He was once only known as Pen #158, his identity when his human parents spotted him in the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter in October, 2011. They were in the process of adopting another shelter dog, Daisy, but Crash was just so sweet, cute, and friendly that they decided to rescue him too. He and Daisy are now best buds and get along equally as well with their feline siblings, Shadow and NoriYuki. All together it’s a happy sixteen paw family!  Crash earned his name because the first thing he did in his new home was run around wagging his tail and knocking things over with a CRASH!


After Crash was adopted, he was introduced to “animal communicator” Tim Link, author of “Wagging Tales.” According to Tim, “Crash is a very special dog who wants to give love and heal. He’s going to make many people happy.” Tim’s prediction proved correct. In May, 2012 “Professor Hugs” passed the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog tests with flying colors and has earned his title with the many children who love his furry hugs.

In between his therapy rounds, he’s also a star on stage. He’s performed in several plays, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Little Orphan Annie (what a perfect Sandy!).

When he’s not helping children or being a theatre darling, Crash loves running, hugging, making people laugh, treats (especially string cheese and granola bars) and his book “Wagging Tales.”  On the other paw, he hates getting his feet wet! His parents describe him as loving everybody and always wagging his tail regardless of what he may crash!


You can meet Crash at the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast. He’ll be meeting and greeting guests as one of our Ambassadorables. Don’t miss a chance to see “Professor Hugs” in person!

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