Denim Dogs Fashion Blast Ambassadorable: Echo the Beagle

Story by Mary Grace Mauney

Echo the beagle

Meet Echo the Beagle, one of our DogStar models in the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast!

The first thing I said to Echo’s mother, Lisa, upon meeting him was “Everyone loves a beagle.” After all, how can one not? The big sweet brown eyes, the long floppy ears, the eternally puppyish face—it’s no wonder beagles are irresistible, evident by the fact that another member of this beautiful breed, the illustrious Miss P, was recently crowned Best in Show at Westminster. Like Echo, she’s a fan of our dog gear for good, and owns a Mister Migs couture ensemble custom-made just for her. As for Echo the beagle, he was a Christmas present to his human mom at the tender age of just seven weeks, and they’ve been together ever since.

Echo is now four and a half years old and works as a therapy dog with special needs children. He demonstrated his patient and forgiving nature, required for a therapy dog, at less than a year old.  Echo’s patience and nature was clearly shown when a child he was working with grabbed his paw, squeezed, and refused to let go. Although Echo tried and tried to pull away, the child would not release him. Many adult dogs would have reacted defensively, but Echo, even as a young beagle, stayed calm. Lisa says she knew then that he was perfect for therapy work, and since then, he’s proven to be exactly that.

Echo reading

When he’s not helping kids, Echo loves sniffing, cuddling, long walks in the woods, and practicing for his runway debut for Mister Migs. Like a typical beagle, he is equal parts fun, play, and couch potato. His owner describes him as goofy and as loving to make others laugh. He also has his very own pet betta fish, a gift from the same nephew that gave him to his mom. How about that---a pet with a pet!

Echo the Beagle

Come see Echo the Beagle strut his stuff at the Denim Dogs Fashion Blast in November!

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