Echo the Beagle- Best in Show!

By M.G. Mauney

Congrats Echo the Beagle, voted BEST IN SHOW

echo the beagle

Thank You Voters and Ambassadorables!

The Ambassadorables were the Stars of the show at The Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast, with Echo the Beagle leading the pack! Echo won the coveted BEST IN SHOW Award at the Fashion Blast! Reno the Dalmation and Phipps the Chihuahua came in right behind earning the 1st and 2nd Runner-up Award.

The Mister Migs Ambassadorables are a special team of pooches who strutted the runway and greeted guests at the Reception for the Fashion Blast. But they had a bigger mission on their small shoulders than just being the perfect hosts and runway stars.  All the Ambassadorables were fundraisers too! They helped raise funds and awareness for the Mister Migs mission to help young adults with autism and developmental disabilities. And they accomplished this in spades, raising hundreds of dollars together for the Mister Migs cause through votes from their community and our guests at the show!

Congratulations to Echo who raised the most! Thank you to ALL the Ambassadorables, their amazing pet parents, and all the friends, family and guests who voted for them before and at the show.

Mister Migs makes Dog Gear for Good. Our Ambassadorables are amazing Dogs for Good!