Finding Spring: Part 3


by Mary Grace

They set foot at the park, and instantly they saw what had to go in to the Spring Mix Tabby recipe for sure. “Green,” Sam breathed in awe, “So much green!” “Yup,” said Sadie Lynn, not surprised but equally awed, “Green everywhere. The real sign of spring.”

It was indeed everywhere. The grass below them, the tree leaves above them, the bushes around them---green, green, everywhere, as far as their little eyes could see!

“And look!” said Sam, “More flowers—oh!”

Several yards away from them were not only flowers, but a pair of bunnies munching on the grass near the blooms.

“Bunnies have been considered a symbol of spring for a long time,” said Sadie Lynn, “That’s why they’re part of Easter.”

“Oh,” said Sam, “I always wondered about that---oh no, they’re running away!”

“They saw me,” sighed Sadie Lynn, “Little animals tend to do that when they see terriers…for understandable reasons.”

“Miss Blatz says she was scared of you at first too,” said Sam, “I don’t see the big deal, you’re not scary!”

“You’re like Jenner and Louey, nothing is scary to you,” Sadie Lynn chuckled, “Let’s have a look at those flowers, shall we?”

They did, and found that near the flowers were a few small strawberries growing in the grass.

“This must be what the bunnies were eating!” said Sam, “Look, they’re pink! Not red at all!”

“They’re not ripe yet,” explained Sadie Lynn, “March is only just the start of strawberry season. They come in green at first, then little by little turn red. These weren’t quite there yet.”

“Well, I think pink is a great color for spring!” Sam said, writing it down along with green, “And those flowers are pink too!”

“And bunny noses,” added Sadie Lynn, tapping Sam on her own little pink nose for emphasis.

“Yellow, orange, green, pink…” Sam looked at her list, “What else can we find?”