Finding Spring: Part Four


by Mary Grace

Sadie Lynn and Sam saw many more flowers as they walked through the park, but it was all in colors that they already had: yellow, orange, and pink. They saw other colors too, like the brown of the tree bark and wild bunnies, but that didn’t seem to be particularly spring-y, nor did the black of the paved path or the much-more-suitable-for-autumn red of the rowboats in the lake. The silver of a passing bicycle didn’t seem right either, and neither did the gray of the park squirrels that waved to them from the branches above.

“We have a lot of warm colors,” said Sadie Lynn, “But the only cool color we have is green.”

“I thought cool was a matter of taste?” asked Sam, “Because Jenner thinks he’s really cool, but Miss Blatz thinks he’s a--”

“Er, not cool like that,” said Sadie Lynn, “Warm colors are red, orange, and yellow, and I suppose pink as well, while cool colors are green, blue, and—“

“Purple!” exclaimed Sam.

“Yes, that’s right, pur—“ Sadie Lynn then realized that Sam wasn’t finishing her sentence, she had spotted a new color, and was racing towards it: a patch of purple flowers. But just before the little rat reached it, she skidded to a halt on her big pink feet, and turned back to ask Sadie Lynn, “These aren’t the bad kind of flowers like daffodils and buttercups, right?”

Sadie Lynn caught up to her, then sniffed at the flowers, “No, these are violets, and violets are safe. But some other purple plants aren’t, like lobelias and hyacinths, so don’t go thinking something is a violet just because it’s violet!”

“Oh,” said Sam, slightly confused, “So, that’s one more cool color…but we still need another to balance out all the warm…but where do you find blue in the spring?”

Sadie Lynn looked up, and Sam followed her gaze…and saw the wide expanse of clear blue sky that had been right there all along.

The list of colors for the Spring Mix Tabby was officially complete.


Author’s Note: Will your Spring Mix Tabby have the colors in the story? Maybe! Or maybe it will have others! Each Tabby Vest Accessory follows the same basic ‘recipe’ for its construction, each one is also unique, with its own special arrangement of ribbons, each a little different from the other. After all, there are many ways to capture spring!