Fray Happens


| by: Migs Discovery Team |

Fray happens. You know it does. We’ve all been on the fray train. When your beloved jeans—those jeans that fit you just right—have reached retirement age, that’s when fray happens and the swag begins at Mister Migs. We rescue, recycle, and reuse your jeans, transforming frayed rags into funky, fresh, and fabulous dog wear.

Take Brick, for instance. a 1 ½ year old Rottweiler who doesn’t like to dress up, but loves wearing a Migrubbie frayed dog collar because he knows he looks awesome.

On the other hand, Cavi, a sassy Bichon Frise Cavalier Spaniel, prances around like a movie star in a denim vest and tabby.

The more fray, the better; the more fray, the cooler; the more fray, the more swag. And if you’re swagging, your dog should be swagging, too! If you’re wearing fray, your dog should be wearing it, too!

This is seriously cool gear for seriously cool dogs. Welcome to Mister Migs, where fray happens all the time.