Georgia Tech gets A+ from Mister Migs!

The Georgia Tech MBA Team gets an A+ from Mister Migs! These amazing Tech business students worked all semester to develop an inventory management system for Mister Migs. The project scope was to create an inventory system that would be accessible and inclusive to all individuals, maximize production and efficiency, and of course, minimize expenses. Last week the Team presented their final plan to Mister Migs at the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Tech and Wowed us all!

Cory, Drew, Marc, Farzeen

Their ingenious system design re-organizes the warehouse for more efficiency, balances function and appearance, outsources washing, and organizes inventory. It is simple, effective, and within budget. They also have identified other potential projects to help Mister Migs production and marketing: time study, data analysis, and e-commerce marketing. These collaborative projects will be developed within the next calendar year by the Georgia Tech MBA students.

Thanks so much, Farzeen, Marc, Cory, and Drew—our AWESOME Georgia Tech team! Now Mister Migs can make even more Dog Gear For Good!