Denim Dogs Fashion Blast Ambassadorable: Gorgeous George

Meet George, a Mister Migs “Ambassdorable” for our Denim Dogs Fashion Blast. George will be welcoming all our guests to this very special evening of fashion and fun. 

Standard Poodle

When he first walked in to our studio at Mister Migs, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This nine year old “standard” poodle is anything but! With his porcelain white locks groomed to prima donna perfection and impeccable poise with every step, it felt like a real celebrity had come to call. And as it turned out, George does in fact have a track record in the entertainment industry, such as starring in an episode of Drop Dead Diva and other films. Even more impressive is his history in the spotlight as a show dog: he won his first show, The World Dog Show in Mexico City, at the tender age of seven months. Since then, he has gone on to win Best in Show in Brazil and US competitions, and has no less than six obedience titles to his name. He’s bi-lingual as a result of touring so much south of the border for his career: all his commands are in Portuguese! I’m not surprised, since the poodle is one of the top three most intelligent dog breeds. Beauty AND brains!

Standard Poodle

Don’t let his fame and fancy looks fool you, though. George’s mom describes him as a “lover boy” who enjoys kisses, hugs, and snuggles. According to her, he “thinks he’s human” despite his many dog show trophies saying otherwise, perhaps because he’s been with her all his life—he was born in her bedroom! This makes him perfect for the Ambassadorable role, in which he’ll be doing “meet and greets” with guests rather than strutting on stage. He may have been bred for the spotlight, but he’s decided he prefers to host the show rather than be in it---that way, he gets to meet more people, and that means more love for Gorgeous George, lover boy extraordinaire! Be sure to come see him in person at our Denim Dogs Fashion Blast in November!

George Standard Poodle