Denim Dogs Fashion Blast Ambassadorable: Hatch the Champion


Meet Hatch the Champion, an Ambassadorable & model for the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast!

Photo courtesy of Robin Gatti

Photo courtesy of Robin Gatti

Meet Hatch, named for the white ‘hatchet’ markings on his chest and a finished Dog Show Champion French Bulldog. Hatch was awarded his Champion status by The American Kennel Club after multiple dog show wins. Hatch and his mom, Rachel, have been a team since he was a frisky pup. Together they made it to the top of the dog show circuit with Rachel handling Hatch throughout his dog show career. Once a finished Champion, Hatch needed to put his training and discipline to the test and retrain for a new role. This role would even be more important than being a Champion show dog; he would be a champion service dog!

hatch frenchie in the cockpit

Hatch now provides Rachel the support she needs to help her manage with a disability, the result of a severe car accident. Hatch the service dog is Rachel’s constant companion, providing her both physical and emotional support. He even flies with Rachel to her specialized medical care. Lucky for them both, he loves being on the go, and particularly enjoys riding the luggage carts at hotels and airports.

Even a champion show dog and service dog still knows how to have fun. Rachel describes Hatch as a “goofball” and a “comedian” who expresses himself with silly dances, funny vocalizations, and even yodeling! He’s quite the social Dogstar and has quite a fan base following his ‘HatchMan’ Facebook page, talking and singing songs to his friends.

frenchie hatch

Come meet Hatch the Champion at the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast!

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