Denim Dogs Fashion Blast Ambassadorables: Hemingway and KatyKat - Nashville's own Diva Dogs!

By M.G.Mauney

Meet Nashville’s own KatyKat and Hemingway, Dogstars who know how to have fun!

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At Mister Migs we believe in following your dreams and reaching for the stars no matter what the obstacles. All the way from Nashville are Ambassadorables Hemingway and KatyKat, two pooches who personify overcoming obstacles!


Hemingway and KatyKat the Shih Tzu siblings had a rough start in life to say the least.  Both were dubbed “imperfect” due to medical conditions. Hemingway also has one closed eye, one closed nostril, and six toes on each paw. Their breeder, wanting them out of sight as soon as possible, gave them away to their human parents who were planning to foster them but became their forever parents after getting to know their loving and fun natures. Like many dogs rescued from challenging circumstances Hemingway and Katy Kat are among the most loving of companions to their humans. 

While life may have handed them lemons, they’ve truly made lemonade and are now living large! Hemingway has traveled by plane, car, chartered yacht, and limousine to places like Miami, Boca Raton, Utah, California, Dallas, and Tennessee.  He’s pranced in couture on Rodeo Drive and strutted down the runway in Palm Springs for a fashion benefit. He’s even been in Country Weekly magazine with Barbara Mandrell! 

KatyKat is a traveling diva too who loves wearing couture and even wears shoes! At her first fashion show this August she was decked out in a gigantic Southern belle hat anchored by a few dozen pins and an Elvis-inspired tulle dress. Though she looked prim and proper, she snagged a bon-bon from someone’s plate while being carried during the show’s social hour! That’s KatyKat to the core. She loves to prance around and play dress-up, but she’s still a sassy spitfire who’s not afraid to get rough-and-tumble with her four siblings! Both dainty and feisty, KatyKat is a little starlet who hasn’t let her medical conditions get in the way of fun!

Come see KatyKat and Hemingway, Nashville diva dogstars at the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast! But watch your bon-bon plate at the reception! 

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