Hijacked! (part one)


by Mary Grace Mauney It was a big day for Mister Migs, both the clothing line and the dog himself. Today, Mister Migs products would be going into stock at The Pet Set. The Pet Set was a wonderful pet supply store in Georgia, and Mister Migs would be sending goods to both its locations, Briarcliff AND Piedmont! Needless to say, everyone at Mister Migs was excited, as this meant stretching their paws out further into the community and bringing seriously cool dog gear to that many more seriously cool dogs.

Two seriously cool dogs in particular had been tasked with making sure that the products made it to The Pet Set on time and intake: Elli the Maltese and Emmie the Chihuahua. They could not drive the supply truck themselves, of course, but they would be supervising the humans who did. You couldn’t trust the poor two-legged hairless dears on their own, after all! Case in point, the humans were late. Elli and Emmi had been sitting here in the Mister Migs parking lot with the truck at least an hour longer than they should have been, and there was no sign of the designated drivers.

“Should we try calling them again?” said Elli.

“I’m sure they’ll show up,” said Emmi, “Just give them a little longer.”

“They’ve had long enough!” Elli snapped, “I think we should go ahead without them!”

“How?” Emmi looked at her, “We need them to drive, remember?”

“We have the keyes,” said Elli, tapping the Teeny Pouch that was attached to one of the handy rings on her Mister Migs Collar Cover, “I don’t see why we couldn’t just do it ourselves.”

“Oh,” said Emmi, “I think it has something to do with the seats being constructed for human-sized people, not tiny dogs. Just a guess.”

“You,” Elli narrowed her eyes, “Let me worry about that.”

Five minutes later, the Mister Migs truck was wobbling down the road, Elli standing up in the seat with her paws on the steering wheel, Emmi down below on the floor with hers on the gas pedal.