Iced Out: Part One


by Mary Grace Mauney

It was a cold, miserable February, and even the sunny state of Georgia was not immune. It was the sort of damp, chilly, dreary awful day where all anyone, pet or human, wanted to do was to stay under the covers with the heater on. But, alas, neither rain nor sleet nor snow could be allowed to stand in the way of getting Mister Migs products to their new location today, the fabulous Top Dog boutique in Roswell, and that meant that two of Mig’s finest employees were out and about in the awful weather. Specifically, they were Louey the Chihuahua and Sadie Lynn the Scottish terrier, and they were taking an order of Migrubbies to The Pet Set in Roswell. Dogs were allowed to drive the Migs trucks now that Emmi and Elli had figured out the whole “one dog at the wheel, one dog on the brakes” system in their adventure with the coyote. Louey had demanded to be at the wheel, and Sadie Lynn had kindly let him, since she figured it made more sense for her to be on the brakes anyway since she weighed more.

Everything went fine…until they got to the bridge.

“Sadie!” Louey cried, “Hit the brakes!”

Sadie Lynn threw herself on the brake pedal with all her might, and the truck screeched to a halt with such force that she was nearly slammed against the wall of the car. She leaped out from the bottom and into the driver’s seat beside Louey, and started to ask what the problem was. However, before she had even finished her sentence, she saw very clearly what the problem was: The bridge was completely iced over!

“Oh no!,” said Sadie Lynn, “Call Mister Migs!”

“Aw, come on!,” said Louey, “I’ll find a way around it! I don’t need help!”

Sadie Lynn knew better, but she handed him a map anyway so he could see for himself that this was the only way to the Top Dog from their direction.

“Fine,” Louey grumped, and Sadie Lynn called up Mister Migs to ask what should be done. To her surprise, his advice was, “Stay right there! I’m on it!” “Why, what—“ Sadie Lynn started to ask, but he had already hung up.

“What,” said Sadie Lynn, “Do you suppose he’s planning?”

Louey shrugged, “After the stunts he helped everyone pull to stop that coyote? Who knows.”