National Animal Advocacy Day


by Mary Grace

Today is National Animal Advocacy Day. Thanks from Mister Migs and the Mister Migs team to everyone out there helping critters! Here are some ways that you can help animals too: - Call or petition to ban horse slaughter and the use of performance-enhancing drugs on racehorses. - Tell Congress to protect the habitats of endangered animals - Donate to or volunteer at shelters and rescues - Donate to wildlife parks and reservations - Choose products not tested on animals - Organized spay/neuter events in your area, or help out with one - Foster a rescue animal - Encourage local officials to pursue non-lethal removal tactics against urban wildlife - Get involved with a trap/neuter/return program for feral cats - Petition against puppy mills - Report any harassment of wildlife or illegal hunting -Report any animal abuse or neglect - Use recyclable and/or sustainable products - Educate others about how they can do these things too - Do them all year!