Denim Dogs Fashion Blast Ambassadorables: Neo and Captain - TWO Bullmastiffs take the stage!


Meet Neo and Captain, a brindled Bullmastiff Father/ Son magnificent duo—wait til you see them on the Mister Migs runway!

Bull Mastiff

Neo, a 140-pound Bullmastiff (registered Perseus Von Martinland) came to the USA from Hungary as a 4-month old puppy. His human mother wanted to show the world the beauty and gentle nature of her brawny Bullmastiff, a breed that many often find intimidating due to their immense size. So she took Neo to the show ring. There his dignity and quiet grace won hearts and changed minds. After he accomplished his American Kennel Club and International Championships, he competed in the 2015 Westminster Dog Show in New York. Neo was the only Bullmastiff at Westminster to display his unique and distinctive brindle coat,  a beautiful pattern of black and brown stripes. Not only did New Yorkers love this big brindle beauty, but Neo captured fans and followers in Australia, Finland, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Egypt, Hungary, Russia, Japan and Canada!

Bull Mastiffs

The father/son duo is completed by Neo’s adorable puppy Captain (aka: Noble Hearts American Marvel) who plans to follow in his father’s pawsteps. Of all the 11 puppies in Neo’s litter, it’s little Captain who inherited his father’s stunning colors. Although Captain started out as the smallest puppy of the litter, he’s now caught up to his ten siblings and will one day be a big Bullmastiff just like his father. He’s already training to become a show dog!

Neo and Captain are practicing for their duo debut on the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast stage. See this father/son DogStar duo November 7!

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