Denim Dogs Fashion Blast Ambassadorable: Phipps the Cover Model Canine

Mister Migs DogStar Features: Phipps the Cover Model Canine!

By M.G.Mauney

Phipps Pet Pages

Meet Phipps, Cover Model Canine, one of our DogStar models in the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast!

Phipps, our Cover Model DogStar, knows fashion. He’s featured on the cover of the North Metro Pet Pages Atlanta, one of the sponsors for our Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast, and his mother Ashley is a fashion model for Click Models Atlanta. Ashley spent three years in search of the perfect prima donna pet, and she knew as soon as she saw him that he was the one for her. She took him home when he was only ten weeks old, and appropriately for the cover model he would become she named him after the famous Phipps Plaza.

Now he’s seven months old, and in addition to being a fashion superstar, is a registered Emotional Support Animal (ESA) for his mom. Ashley has travel anxiety and Phipps helps to calm her when she’s on the go. Phipps travels with her from the beaches in Florida to shopping in New York.

“He travels more than the average person,” his mother says. “He’s the creative bone for my business; most of my ideas come just from being around him.”


Bark Fifth Avenue, a high-end online pet boutique, is owned by Ashley. Phipps is the mascot. They’ll be opening up their first brick and mortar store on Miami Circle in Buckhead this August. Of course, they will carry Mister Migs apparel!

“Everyone in Buckhead knows Phipps,” his mother says.  “He’s a socialite and the life of the party.” She describes Phipps as having a charming, inquisitive personality with an ego as big as his body is small.
“He knows he’s an only child, and he’s spoiled rotten,” she says, going on to describe his stroller, leather car seat and personal luggage. Well, one can hardly expect a celebrity not to travel in style!

Phipps in a bag

Come see Phipps the Cover Model on the runway at the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast this November!

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