Denim Dogs Fashion Blast Ambassadorable: Posey the Magazine Mascot!


By M.G.Mauney

Meet Posey, the fox-like Italian breed and Ambassadorable for the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast!


Posey’s mom is none other than Tova Gelfond, owner and editor of Eidé Magazine, and Lookbook Atlanta , and owner of Enlightment Media Group. Eidé is a national lifestyle, fashion and cultural magazine that originates right here in Atlanta!

We asked Tova to give us the scoop on her posh pup and Posey’s role the media world.


Q: Tell us About Posey
Tova: Posey is a Volpino Italiano—It means “little Italian fox and it’s pretty close to a German Spitz. They are pretty hard to find, but apparently Michelangelo had this breed of dog.

 Q: How about Posey’s Personality?
Tova: Silly, playful and oh, so loyal. Obsessed with mommy.

Q: Loves?
Tova: Mommy! tummy rubs, Coconut oil (but mommy only gives her small doses), and coming to the office.

Q: Hates?
Tova: Any sort of fly or bug in the air, bubbles, baths, rubber bands. She’s a totally oddball dog. 

Q: Funniest Trait?
Tova: She smiles all the time, and walks on her back legs.

Q: Most Annoying Trait?
Tova: The barking and the licking… both overdone.

Q: Most Lovable Trait?
Tova: She’s a great cuddlebug. 

Q: Biggest Accomplishment?
Tova: Being photographed for Mister Migs, of course! (see exclusive sneak peek pic of Posey in Mister Migs couture ensemble)

 Q: When did Posey start coming to the office?
Tova: The first day I got her! This is totally her second home.

Q: What’s her workday like? 
Tova: First she comes in for a staff meeting which is really tough on her, because no one gives her any attention. But then its time for a walk, followed by email time (which is also naptime). There is a play break in there and by the time the day ends, shes ready to go! 

Q: Does she get along with her fellow employees and eide’/LOOKBOOK clients?

Tova: She is always a great watchdog so she likes to bark when someone new comes to the office. But it’s just a firm greeting, and then she warms up and is full of excitement to show them around. 

Q: How does she help out?
Tova: Other than breaking the ice with everyone who comes to the office? She just happens to be the best therapy for a stressed-out team on deadline

Q: Are there benefits from Posey being part of the Team? 
Tova: She makes everyone smile! 

Q: How about any drawbacks?
Tova: She can be a distraction from work for sure.

Q: How has she influenced the eide’/LOOKBOOK magazine team? 
Tova: We all get a little more activity during the day because she has to be taken out.

Q: Is there something special Posey has contributed to the success of eide’ and LOOKBOOK Atlanta?
Tova: Laughter! 


Come meet Posey, the magazine mascot, at the Denim Dogs Fashion Blast!