Denim Dogs Fashion Blast Ambassadorable: QB the happy & huggable lion!


Meet QB, our lineup’s Lion!


That mane, that strut, that majesty---is that a real lion on the Mister Migs runway? Almost! It took nine months to transform QB the poodle into her leonine likeness, and the look takes a few hours a week to maintain. QB is no stranger to such lengthy stretches in the grooming parlor; some of her fur coat creations take six to eight hours to complete. She’s a regular in grooming competitions, becoming a pink Parisian princess in one, a living canvas for a tropical scene in the next, and for Mister Migs, a King of Beasts fit to be runway royalty!

People stare and traffic stops every time she so much as sets a paw outside for a simple walk, and many children have to be convinced that she is not in fact an actual lion ready to gobble them up! A few pats of her soft coat and her friendly smile clears up that misconception.

She has just earned her Therapy Dog Certification, so next stop for QB the Lion is the metro Atlanta hospitals. Imagine what fun to see a wild (and huggable) lion walking hospital halls!

It’s no wonder QB has the look of a champion; her grandfather is George, the dog show champion featured first in our DogStar lineup for the Mister Migs Fashion Blast. Clearly stardom runs in the family! QB appears in commercials too. Look for her in a “Jacks” cereal commercial this Holiday season.

Just as real lions are the only big cats to live in groups, so too is QB, the most social ‘feline’ around!

Come see this big friendly lion at the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast!

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