Rainy Day Ruckus: Part Four


by Mary Grace Mauneymmauney@mistermigs.com

Little by little, Migs made the journey back towards the door that he had come through, to confess to a crime that he had not committed. Then he turned the corner in silence, and was gone. There was a moment of equal silence among the dogs as they waited, stewing in their own guilt, for the sounds of what would happen next. Would Mom yell? Would Migs cry? A thousand possibilities went through their minds, each worse than the last, but far worse still was the fact that, despite their straining and acute ears, they heard nothing at all.

“I can’t take it,” Louey gritted his teeth.

“I can’t watch,” MiMee covered her eyes.

“I can’t believe this,” Daisy swooned.

“And I can’t believe any of you!” snapped Sadie Lynn, “You can still make this right, you know!”

“But if we tell Mom now…” said MiMee, “She’ll know we not only broke it…”

“But let Migs take the blame!” Louey finished.

“We’d be in worse trouble than before!” Daisy fretted.

Sadie Lynn didn’t say anything. She just glared. And waited. And waited And w---

“No!” the three little dogs yelled together in unison, and all of them took off in the direction that Migs had gone, with Sadie Lynn following.

“Mister Migs, don’t!”

“It’s our fault!”

“We broke the lamp!”

“We did it!”

“You’re not to blame!”

“Don’t do it!”

“Don’t tell Mom!”

“We’ll confess!”

“We’ll tell her ourselves!”


“Don’t get yourself in trouble!” Their yells came to a halt as they saw, when they arrived at the door, that Mister Migs had not gone out to tell Mom yet. He seemed to be…waiting?

“Glad you guys came around,” he smiled, “I was starting to get worried! But I knew you’d do the right thing.”

“You knew?!” sputtered Louey.

“Oh yeah,” Mister Migs laughed, “I saw the glue all over the vase, and I figured out fast what must have happened. Geez, guys!”

“Are…are you mad at us?” MiMee asked.

“I’d be mad if you hadn’t come forward,” said Mister Migs, “But I’m not mad at you for getting scared and saying something you shouldn’t have. Everyone does things they don’t mean when they panic. What matters is you knew you did something wrong, and you owned up and fixed it. Even if it took you a few minutes!”

“But we’re still scared to tell Mom,” MiMee wrapped her tail around herself.

“Don’t worry,” said Mister Migs, “I think she’ll feel the same way I do. And I’ll come with you for support!”

With that, they all went out the door together.