Rainy Day Ruckus: Part One


by Mary Grace Mauneymmauney@mistermigs.com

It was April, and the proverbial showers of that month were in full force. Sadie Lynn, MiMee, Louey, and Daisy had been cooped up all week, and they were getting sick of it.

“At least Migs has work,” Louey grumped as he paced in front of the window, “He gets to go down to Tucker with Mom, and we’re stuck here!”

“It’s not his fault there just happens to be nothing for us to do there this week,” said Sadie Lynn, “You’d be just as bored there as here.”

“Bored is right,” said Louey, and began to tug on the drapes with his teeth. “Stop that!” Daisy squealed at him, “You’ll get us all in trouble!”

Sadie Lynn took Louey’s tail in her mouth and dragged him away from the drapes as MiMee said, “He has the right idea, though. Hang on a second!”

With that, she dashed away, then returned holding one of her toys, a rope knotted at both ends. The other dogs realized instantly what she wanted to do, and Louey just as instantly pounced to be first, grabbing the other end of the rope with his little teeth. Once he’d won tug-of-war with the rope against MiMee, he took on Daisy, and easily defeated her since poor Daisy lacked teeth of her own.

“I win!” he cheered for himself, “You’re no match for me, ladies! King of the House!”

“Excuse me,” said Sadie Lynn, “But there’s one more dog in this house. You’ll have to defeat me before you can go around calling yourself king of anything.”

Rising to the challenge, Louey picked up his end of the rope once more, and Sadie Lynn took the other. As soon as he began to tug, Louey knew that he may literally have bitten off more than he could chew; Scottish Terriers like Sadie Lynn had teeth like German Shepherds and incredibly strong jaws. She was definitely more of a contender for his crown than the likes of little MiMee and all-gums Daisy. Still, Louey tried. Oh, how he tried, tugging and pulling and straining with all his miniature might…

And then Sadie Lynn all of a sudden let go.

Louey was sent toppling backwards by the release, and crashing into the legs of a nearby table. The other dogs began to laugh, not noticing that the vase on top of the table was wobbling back and forth…that is, until it hit the floor and shattered into pieces.