Sadie Lynn and Miss Blatz, Part One: An Unlikely Friendship


By Mary Grace Mauney

Sadie Lynn is a beautiful black Scottish terrier, a stylish pooch for whom only the best in canine couture will do. So when she was invited to the Scottie Soiree, the year’s biggest ball for her breed, she needed a vest to impress, and there was only one name in the doggie designer world that would suit a style connoisseur like herself: Mister Migs.

She decided to visit the Mister Migs boutique right away, since the Scottie Soirée would be held the very next night, leaving very little time for a proper costume to be fashioned.

As she entered, she immediately spotted the perfect Migrubbie for her wardrobe, but there were two problems with it: Firstly, it was far too small, and secondly, it was already being worn by someone else, a fat little white rat whom Sadie had seen working there but had never spoken to.

Sadie approached the well-dressed rodent and began to ask what model she had on, but at the sight of her the rat let out a little shriek of fright and surprise, dropping the Tabby Vest Accessory that she had been examining in her tiny pink paws.

Sadie leaned down and picked the Tabby up in her mouth to give it back to her, but the rat was already scampering away. Sadie knew why her appearance had caused the smaller creature such fright; terriers of all types, including Scottish terriers like herself, had been bred to hunt rats and other small “vermin” creatures. Clearly, the poor dear believed Sadie was coming after her when all she had wanted to do was talk. As if that would be allowed in Mister Migs!

Sadie knew she had to track her down immediately and clear up this misunderstanding, for the good of her own reputation and that of Mister Migs as a place where everyone, whether house pet or hunting dog, was welcomed and embraced. Plus, she felt rather sorry for the frightened rat as well.

But where had she scampered off to?

Stay tuned for the next episode!


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