Sadie Lynn and Miss Blatz, Part Three: Teamwork Pays Off


By Mary Grace Mauney Unlike dogs, the forepaws of rats have jointed fingers, like the dexterous hands of a human, and because of their small size, they can grip and manipulate items that are much smaller than a human can. This lets them work on a much finer scale, allowing for finer details.

However, while they might have the hands for the job, they do not have the eyes; rats possess very poor vision, and those with red eyes like Miss Blatz are almost blind. Therefore, the human and dog employees help the rats, guiding them on what to do and where. Humans are integral for tasks that required thumbs, and the dogs are naturals at fetching things for the other workers.

By combining their respective talents and skills, along with a shared sense of style, all the employees are able to accomplish as a team what none of them could have done alone. Sadie Lynn now saw that Mister Migs’ products are a true team effort!

Sadie also saw that the materials used were top-notch. For instance, the denim, though secondhand, was soft and clean, at the stage where it was worn enough to be fashionably frayed, at the edges, yet still durable enough for any doggie lifestyle and good-looking to boot. One product in particular caught Sadie Lynn’s eye: a flowery little confection of ribbons and lace that was attached to a scrap of denim with a button on the bottom.

“What’s this?” she asked curiously, nudging the piece with her nose. “Ooh, that’s a Tabby Vest Accessory!” squealed Miss Blatz excitedly, turning away from her work for a moment. “It attaches to the back of the Migrubbie or Migdiva using the button from the jeans that it’s made from, and you can interchange them, like taking on and off a piece of jewelry. I want to get one for my own Migrubbie but I have a hard time picking which would go best, because I can’t see well.”

“Hmm…you’re white with red eyes, I’m black, red and black and white all go together…” mused Sadie Lynn aloud. “Why don’t we both get one like this, since it’s in those colors? It would look good on both of us, and we could match, since we’d have the same Migrubbie too!”

“We could have the same model, though not really the same one,” said Miss Blatz, though she looked eager at the idea. “You see, every one is unique! Each Tabby follows the same recipe, using the same ‘ingredients’ in each – there’s always that red ribbon with the white dots, that black ribbon with the white zebra stripes, and so on – but each one is handmade, the ribbons are cut by hand, each piece of denim is cut out by hand from a different pair of secondhand jeans… It’s like how all rats are the same basic shape, made of the same body parts, but are definitely all unique rats!”

“Oh, I see!” said Sadie Lynn. She liked the sound of that; something that was custom-made for her, yet followed a design of proven quality and style. “Yes, yes I’d very much like to place an order for one of these along with my Migrubbie! And one for you too!”

Despite Mister Migs’ promise that the Migrubbie could be done today, Sadie Lynn was a little unsure about it, especially with the additional order of two Tabbys. It seemed impossible that they could avoid sacrificing speed for quality. And speed was going to be needed greatly; Sadie Lynn could feel herself sweating under fur as she watched the clock tick on and on, closer to the end of the day, while her Migrubbie and Tabby came closer and closer to completion. A bit of fray here, a scrap of lace there, a mistaken stitch that had be done over again…

“It’s finished!” Miss Blatz declared triumphantly. And without a moment to spare---it was five minutes to closing time. Sadie Lynn looked at the vest and accessory that was being held up before her, and she marveled. It was fabulous!

Sadie Lynn happily paid for it all in full, knowing it was worth every cent. By then, Miss Blatz’s shift at the Mister Migs boutique was over, and she walked out with Sadie Lynn, the two of them wearing their matching Migrubbie vests and Tabby accessories. They have many adventures in fashion ahead!

Migrubbie™ Tabby Vest Accessory™ and Migdivas™ are registered trademarks of Mister

Illustration by Mary Grace Mauney