Sadie Lynn and Miss Blatz, Part Two: Gaining Trust

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By Mary Grace Mauney

Though she was no bloodhound, Sadie’s nose was more than adequate for the job of smelling the proverbial rat, and she found her hiding in the production room, tucked inside one of the material containers with only the top of her pink tail poking out from under the lid, on a shelf far above Sadie and out of her reach.

“Hello,” Sadie Lynn barked up at her, “I brought you back your Tabby!”

No answer.

“I’m not going to hurt you! I only wanted to know what model Migrubbie that you’re wearing; it’s simply fabulous!” Silence again at first, then a whiskered nose poked out, and squeaked, “It’s a custom job. It has to be, for my size…”

“Well, would you mind terribly if I ordered the same type for myself?” Having a lot of experience with her fellow fashionistas, Sadie knew that some pets could get tetchy if they caught you flaunting what they felt was their signature style and thus off-limits for anyone else to wear.

“Not at all! I’m flattered you like the design, in fact.” The rat pushed the lid off the container and sat up so that Sadie Lynn could see her more fully. She was quite a lovely rat, with clean ivory fur, ruby red eyes, and soft round pink ears. She most certainly did not resemble the stereotypical sewer-dwelling image that had always come to Sadie’s mind when she’d heard the term “rat” before!

“I work here, and can set you up with one today,” continued the rat, her tone now helpful, cordial, professional, and not frightened at all.

Once she felt truly assured that Sadie would not harm her, the lovely rodent climbed down and introduced herself as Miss Blatz. Together, the pair of them went to find Mister Migs himself, the eponymous owner of the boutique. They chatted as they went, discovering they had plenty in common besides just good taste in clothes, and each of them quite liked the other. When they found Mister Migs, they inquired about getting a duplicate of Miss Blatz’s Migrubbie in a doggie size that would fit Sadie Lynn.

“I’m going to need it as soon as possible,“ Sadie emphasized. “The Scottie Soiree is tomorrow!”

Sadie was nervous that there might not be enough time. After all, she knew that Migrubbies were not mass-produced; every single one was handmade with quality from start to finish, and that sort of care took time.

“This is my own design,” Miss Blatz piped up, “I can reproduce it exactly! You can even watch me; come on back to the production room with me, and you can point out everything you want done as we go!”

“Oh, I would like that very much! Are you sure that’s all right?” Sadie Lynn looked to Mister Migs.

“Absolutely,” he said, and led the way back to the production room where a team of humans and canines were hard at work making handcrafted Migrubbies and Migdivas from 100% recycled denim. There were even a few rats on the team, and as Miss Blatz took her place at a work table with a few others next to a particularly tiny fellow rat, Sadie realized why.

Stay tuned for the next episode!


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