Denim Dogs Fashion Blast Ambassadorable: Sally Ann the Dirt-Loving Duchess!

Meet Sally Ann, the terrific tunneler!

Sally Ann is a Welsh terrier, a breed so rare that the United Kennel Club has it on a watchlist to prevent its extinction. If Welsh terriers are worried they’re not showing it; they’re known for being happy, lively dogs. Sweet Sally Ann is no exception. She’s friendly, outgoing, and social, with a high energy level typical to terriers. One of the ways she puts this energy to work is at Earthdog Trials. 

Welsh Terrier

Earthdog Trials are underground hunting tests designed for breeds that were made to go after burrowing animals. Welsh terriers are one such breed, and Sally Ann does her ancestry proud as she plunges down into the tunnels of an Earthdog course. Once she’s beneath ground, she must navigate through the dark by nose alone until she locates a cage of rats. Once the rats are discovered she must allow her handler to take her out of the tunnel within a time limit.  Sally Ann is a top-level Senior Earthdog because she is fast, thorough, and obedient to her handler no matter how “in the zone” she is. It’s tougher than it sounds! Sally Ann has just one more level to go to achieve Master Earthdog, the highest achieving Earthdog status.

Welsh Terrier

But she’s not always down and dirty. In fact, Sally Ann can be a real duchess! She loves riding in her stroller like a royal carriage and is practicing her Prima Donna prance for the Mister Migs runway.  When she’s not training for her next competition, Sally Ann enjoys playing with tennis balls, licking her mother’s face, and dreaming about her debut as a Mister Migs DogStar.

welsh terrier

Come see Sally Ann, the rare breed dirt-loving duchess of Wales!

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