Snow Day: Part One

Snow Day Part 10001_processed

by Mary Grace Mauney

Sadie Lynn, Louey, Daisy, and MiMee woke up expecting nothing more than another dreary February day with nothing to do. Their human drove them to and from work at Mister Migs due to the cold, so they weren’t getting their walk that way, and the walks they got at home were now much shorter (especially for Daisy, since she had partial alopecia that made her half-bald, and thus very vulnerable to the cold!) And it wasn’t like they could run around outside in the yard either; it wasn’t any warmer there. Today, surely, would be the same old, same old that it had been all February, with perhaps the addition of extra nastiness like rain.

Only when they set foot outside the house did they realize how wrong they were.

“What…what is it?” MiMee gaped.

“Is it dangerous?” Louey asked, “Can I fight it?”

“Will it hurt?” Daisy shrunk back.

Sadie Lynn shook her head. She had seen this once before, “No. It’s…snow.”

And indeed it was. Blanketing their yard and the entire neighborhood was nothing but mounds of clean, soft, white…

“Snow,” Sadie Lynn said, “It’s called snow. It falls from the sky like rain sometimes, when it gets very, very cold…but I haven’t seen it in a long time! Mama says that other places have lots of it, but it’s rare in Georgia.”

“Well, that’s not fair,” Louey huffed, “I’ll show it who’s boss! Then it’ll know better than to snub us!”

And with that, he raced straight from the porch and right into the snow, intending to bite it with his tiny mouth and bat it with his tiny paws. But as soon as he hit the stuff, he jumped backwards, “Yowza! It’s freezing! What gives?”

Sadie Lynn explained that snow was supposed to be cold, like ice, and that one couldn’t fight it.

“It can be very fun to play in,” she said, “But we’d better bundle up first. Especially you, Daisy. You too, Louey.”

“Eh, I’m fine,” Louey replied through chattering teeth.

“Get in here, Louey,” Daisy commanded, knowing full well that her fellow Chihuahua was almost as sensitive to the cold as she was, full coat of fur or not.

“If you insist!” Louey zoomed back inside even faster than he had gone out, “But just so you girls won’t worry, of course. I’m really fine. No problem. Don’t even feel it!”

MiMee shook her head, “He’s as bad as Jenner.”

“You know what, that’s a good idea,” said Sadie Lynn, “Let’s invite the rats!”