Snow Day, Part Two!

Snow Day Part 20001_processed

By the time the rats arrived, the dogs had all bundled up into booties, sweaters, and scarves (less for Sadie Lynn with her long coat, more for Daisy and her short patchy one) and were frolicking in the snow. The rats had never seen snow either, and were bursting with questions for Sadie Lynn about the strange white stuff when they found out she had previous experience with such phenomena. Jenner was disappointed to learn that he could not fight snow (but like Louey, he still tried) until Sadie Lynn told him about snowball fights. Then he and Louey commenced a mighty battle! Well, it was mighty to them, anyway.

As happy as Jenner and Louey were to find out that snow could be used for fights, Justin was just as pleased to discovered that it could be used for food. On Sadie Lynn’s advice, he piled a bowl high with clean snow and then smothered it with syrup.

“Delicious!” he said, plunging his face in and getting his whiskers all sticky. When one of the snowballs that his brother was hurling went astray and landed in his bowl, he squirted more syrup on it, “Seconds? Thank you!”

“I want to go sledding!” Sam tugged on MiMee’s tail, “Miss Blatz has read to me about sledding, it sounds fun!”

“Oh, I don’t think we have a sled,” said MiMee, “Let’s try and find something we can use…”

Since Sam was just a little rat, a little plastic storage tub made a fine sled for her, and she rode it down the small rises and dips of the neighborhood. It didn’t take much to make a rat-sized hill or valley, after all.

“Aw, she’s having so much fun!” MiMee sighed, “Isn’t that sweet, Miss Blatz? Er, Miss Blatz?”

She realized she couldn’t see Miss Blatz anywhere.

“I’m here!” Miss Blatz’s voice called from nearby

“Where?” MiMee looked around, confused. “Here!”

“Where?” She still couldn’t see her.

“In the snow! Right beside you!” And then MiMee spotted two tiny beads of red in the snow to her right, like little rubies set in an alabaster background.

“Miss Blatz! You completely blend in!”

“I do? What do you mean?”

MiMee then recalled Miss Blatz was blind, “The snow is white, and so are you! Come out so I can see you!”

The pile of snow seemed to rise of its own accord, and Miss Blatz emerged from it on to the porch, “Really? You couldn’t see me at all?”

“Nope! That’s how white your fur is! Just like snow”

“Well,” Miss Blatz preened, “I do try to keep myself as clean as possible…”

“Snow? This,” said a voice, “is nothing. I know snow. Real snow.”

Annie, the chinchilla, had just arrived.

“Who invited her?” Louey blurted.

Annie eyed him with annoyance, “I noticed that there seemed to be a little outdoor soiree going on in celebration of the snow, and I thought that I would do the courtesy of dropping by…of course, if I’m not welcome…”

“No, no, of course you are,” said Sadie Lynn, “We were going to call you, but, well, we weren’t sure if chinchillas liked snow, since you don’t like water…”

“Don’t like snow?” Annie repeated, “Why, do you know where chinchillas come from?”

With that, she began grandly reminiscing about the snows in the Andes Mountains of Peru where chinchillas originated from, neglecting to mention she’d been bred in captivity and never seen such sights herself. Meanwhile, Sam continued to sled, Justin continued to eat his syrupy snow, and Louey continued his snowball fight with Jenner.

None of them could stay out for long, though. Even bundled up, it was still terribly cold. Colder than ever, in fact.

But today had made this entire month’s weather all worth it