| by: Brenda Rose |

You probably already know that MisterMigs.Com designs, produces, and sells Seriously Cool Dog Gear, best described as Funky, Fun and Functional. But you might not know that the people behind the products are also seriously cool, funky, and fun.

As a mentor at Mister Migs, I have worked with several members of a team of young adults with developmental disabilities, specifically those on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, as they perfected and prepared products for the market. If you have never tapped into the creative mind of a teenager with Asperger’s Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism, you are missing a fantastic treat. These kids overflow with creativity, talent, and potential, and those I worked with demanded perfection from the Mister Migs line of products. They want the best; they expect the best; and they will do anything — and I do mean anything — to ensure the customer receives the best.

I’m a writer and an artist, yet I found myself learning a great deal from the team behind Mister Migs. They would often question my choice of phrases, suggesting something more hip, more cool, something with some juice to it. One young man told me, “You need to remember we are seriously cool and so is Mister Migs.”

Oh! How they broke the barriers for me!

I came home from Tucker, Georgia, and Mister Migs with a new word added to my vocabulary: swag. Yep, this old 50-something year-old woman now has an understanding of swag. If you don’t what it means, look up the line of Migrubbies dog apparel and you’ll see swag right before your eyes.

I’m the President of GFWC Georgia Tifton Twentieth Century Library Club, and my Club President’s Special Project is Autism/Asperger’s. I hope to work with the team of young adults with developmental disorders at MisterMigs.com again. They inspire me, challenge me, and fill me with joy. Autism is the fastest growing serious developmental disorder in the United States, and there is no cure for autism. It is here to stay. At MisterMigs.com they are addressing developmental disorders with a plan that excites the youth. It’s a win-win situation. At MisterMigs.com, teams are formed and creativity is born in a unique studio.

My dog, Brody, wears a Migrubbie collar that is a result of their creativity! He swags into the room, knowing he is one well-dressed canine when he is wearing something from the Migs line. And in return, Migs gives these teams of kids a place to grow, learn, create, and show their colors.