Terrier Show Winners!


In late September, a blog was posted advertising the upcoming Mongtomery County Terrier Show. The show has now come and gone, and the winners have been announced! Each breed of terrier had a winner that was chosen as the best of their breed group, and then one terrier took Best In Show over all. The breed group results are listed here for those interested:http://caninechronicle.com/show-wins-gallery/select-breed-results-montgomery-county-kennel-club-sunday-october-5-2014/

As for the Best In Show award, that was taken by a Norwich terrier appropriately named Ch Yarrow Venerie Winning Ticket, owned by Yarrow Kennels and Venerie Kennels. For those who wish to know a bit more about this winning breed, the Norfolk terrier is a British dog whose development began in the 1880s. It went by several other names—the Cantab terrier, the Trumpington terrier, the Jones terrier—before becoming officially known as the Norfolk. This new name also officially distinguished it from its very similar cousin, the Norwich, when previously they had been considered a single breed. The main difference is the ears: Norwich terriers have pricked ears, Norfolks do not. The Norfolk is the smallest working terrier, generally weighing only eleven to twelve pounds, but their energy more than makes up for their compact size. Being chosen as Best In Show means that not only was Winning Ticket a stunning example of this breed, but a paragon of all terrier-kind. Congrats, little fella!