The Blast was a Blast!

By Mary Grace Mauney

After months of blogging about the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast, I got to go…and it was a BLAST!

Yours truly has been writing about dogStars for months to promote the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast event that finally came to fruition on Saturday, November 7, at Atlanta’s Ambient + Studio. While I met and interviewed each canine model, I knew little about the rest of what would be happening that night. I knew the dress code (denim and black tie), and that there would be food, music, and of course dogs, but not much else. Was I in for a surprise when I got there!

The moment I stepped inside, I was blown away by the glamor and glitz of this Gala.  I’m admittedly not an uptown girl, but it was still the most posh event I’d ever been to. The atmosphere was the first thing to strike me. The sheer feel of Atlanta elegance was in the very air. Next came the sight of the beautiful lighting, beautiful people, beautiful clothes, and beautiful dogs being escorted by beautiful models. I only had the courage to approach people I already knew, mainly from work, but it was clear to me that the cream of the crop was in attendance. And I’d worried my dress might be too nice!

After a meet-and-greet with every Ambassadorable in the room, I made my way to the buffet, eyeballing every gorgeous dress on the way. I must say it would have been worth coming just to see what humans wore tonight, let alone the canine couture wonders on the runway!

And the gourmet spread was no less impressive. Catered by J'aime Sweets & Savories, this dinner was as diverse as it was delicious. The festive fare ranged from classic Southern staples like mac’n’cheese, to a Mediterranean antipasto consisting of feta and cherry tomatoes in a light pesto, to exotic fruits. I finally got to try dragon fruit for the first time, something I’ve been wanting to do for ages! I admit, I had to eat one of the mini cupcakes first though; it’s a good thing they were small so I didn’t have to pick just one delicious flavor!

Once everyone had a chance to snack and schmooze, the show began.


Fantastic. Amazing. Spectacular.  Everything was perfect. You simply had to be there for no words can even begin to describe the dogs and their gear and how they strutted their stuff and showed the world (or at least Atlanta) just what Mister Migs was about. Not just our fun, funky, frayed fashion but what we stand for.

You see, before models came down runway, a video detailed the story of our very own photographer Jamie. Jamie is one of the many young adults with autism and developmental disabilities who came through the Mister Migs training program. The Mister Migs program is designed to not only foster life skills and workplace skills for those who need it, but  to discover the talents they already have and give them the chance to shine for all to see. That’s what happened with Jamie; when we found out she liked photography, we showed her work to real career photographers and they agreed, she had promise. Both now mentor her, and she’s progressed so much that she was one of the photographers for our event and for many of the dogStar features.

Now everyone knows that Mister Migs not only makes one-of-a-kind custom Dog Gear for Good, but that it’s couture for a good cause! And, it will soon be available on our “Shop” tab for your dogStar too!

We hope you were there, and if you missed it, there’s always next year!