The Garden Party, Part One: The Great Ratsby


A Jazz Age/1920s-themed garden party was being held in the park today for all local pets, and the trio of Miss Blatz the rat, Sadie Lynn the black Scottish terrier, and Blatz’s ward, a young fellow rat named Sam, were, of course, in attendance. Sam had come as a flapper, Miss Blatz in a pastel chiffon tea gown like a high society lady of the time, and the ever-creative Sadie Lynn had done the unexpected and, instead of wearing the stereotypical 20s cloche like everyone else, had put on an enormous fancy feathered hat fit for the Kentucky Derby. This was because horse-racing had been huge in the 20s, the time of the famous Man O’War, the golden age of thoroughbreds. To pay further homage to this, she was also wearing the denim saddle taken from Lightning, a large stuffed horse in the Mister Migs workshop, though it was a bit big on her.

After meeting several other lovely pets of various species, the girls set about lunch. They sat together on a picnic blanket in the sun, having cucumber sandwiches and lemon cakes, when they were approached by a big gray rat dressed as The Great Gatsby. He took one look at Miss Blatz, then spoke to Sadie Lynn, balling his tiny pink hands into fists. “Put up your dukes, old sport!”

“Excuse me?” said Sadie Lynn, shocked and confused. Was this some garden party game that she didn’t know about?

“Step away from the lady and fight me like a man!” the rat demanded, hopping from foot to foot like a boxer, still brandishing his fists.

“She’s not a man, she’s a Scottish Terrier,” squeaked Sam, jumping to her own feet, “and as much a lady as Miss Blatz! You leave us alone!” End of Part One Story and Illustration by Mary Grace Mauney Migrubbie™ Tabby Vest Accessory™ and Migdivas™ are registered trademarks of Mister