Three Thousand Terriers In One Place

sadie MisterMigs-HRJPGs-038

Sadie Lynn, the Scottish terrier that has been appearing in Migstories since its first installment, is not just a pencil-and-paper creation. She is in fact a real live dog, and belongs to Karen Lynn, the president of the real Mister Migs company. In her heyday, she was a champion show dog, though she is now retired and living the quiet life (quiet aside from her Migstories stardom, that is). However, she still enjoys keeping up with what’s happening in the show ring, and she’s currently very excited about the upcoming Montgomery Terrier Show. The Montgomery County Kennel Club Terrier Show is, as one might guess, held in Montgomery County in Pennsylvania and is dedicated solely to the showcasing of terrier breeds. Terriers are dog breeds that were originally developed for the hunting of vermin, and they are usually, though not always, on the small side. Not all kennel clubs agree on which dogs do or don’t belong in the terrier group, but the Montgomery Club will be boasting quite a variety.

This will include the stately Airedale, the diminutive Dandie Dinmont, the distinctively red Irish Terrier, and the spunky miniature Schnauzer. It’s an excellent place to see more rare and unusual types of terriers, like the Bedlington, whose deceptively sheep-like appearance belies a strong personality, the Miniature Bull Terrier with its unmistakable egg-shaped head and Roman nose, and the sadly dwindling but beautiful long-haired breed known as the Skye terrier.

Not only will the show dog contestants themselves be there to compete, but so will puppies and veterans (retired show dogs) to watch and cheer on their terrier friends. Come by on Oct. 5 at Montgomery County Community College, 340 DeKalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422, and see the show!

And for those with a special interest in the Scottish Terrier, Sadie Lynn is also happy to note that the Scottish Terrier Club of America will have a whole week of celebration from Sept. 29 to Oct. 3! One of their highlights will be the puppy sweepstakes at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel.

Article by Mary Grace Mauney