YCU Ribbon Cutting…a day to celebrate!

By MG Mauney

It was a big day at Mister Migs yesterday! Mayor Frank Auman of Tucker, Georgia and Georgia State Representative Michele Henson were the guests of honor for our ribbon-cutting event to celebrate the launch of YCU, Your Career Unleashed. YCU is a program to help young adults with autism and developmental disabilities get the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

“We’re having fun, but we’re focused on learning,” President Karen Lynn explained. The learning includes every aspect of a business, geared to the interests and skills of our young adults. It can include marketing, operations, professionalism practice, customer service, and many other work skills that are important for any workplace.”

“This is the true entrepreneurial spirit,” said Mayor Auman. “In government we need to help pave the way for things like this. But to make it happen, it takes someone like Ms. Karen and the Mister Migs team.”

That’s what we do at Mister Migs, Dog Gear for Good!---We make it happen! We unleash careers and power futures!