SASSY and Mister Migs Team Up

Sassy Jeans

Pictured here is WOW Team member Everett holding some brand “new” jeans just waiting to be recycled into seriously cool dog gear for good, donated to us by SASSY This wonderful organization has just donated 175 pounds of denim to Mister Migs. We use recycled denim in nearly all of our products, so we need more every day! In return for this, we offered a helping hand right back with a donation for their fundraising efforts.

SASSY is short for The South Dekalb Association for Super Special Youth and is dedicated to assisting people with special needs and their families in finding the very best programs and resources for enhancing their lives and recognizing their value. Since WOW Simply Biz and Mister Migs share this goal, a fabulous SASSY lady named BJ Kelley decided to help us out and organize a denim drive so we can make more seriously cool dog gear AND continue to help our own awesome team of young adults with disabilities.